This is why I’m not…

I remember being a little kid and really being really happy singing with my dad. I was a toddler, maybe a little older, but it was before I was old enough for grade school. He had his own business and we would ride around all day during his work day. He took me everywhere, and everywhere we went in the 80’s heat in West Palm Beach we were singing. I don’t just recall the songs themselves; it was a lot of Top 40 artists like Phil Collins, Madonna, Billy Ocean, and the Great one himself, MJ. We would ride around West Palm growing closer and closer while he shared his love for music with me through song. I didn’t know it then, but that closeness would be cut short, as he would pass away a few years after this memory. The 10 years that followed would be filled with moments of growth just like any other kid, but for me, all of the best times were related to music. I found myself at The University of Florida with a voice scholarship. I became one of only 3 freshmen to sing with grad students, and was a part of the top vocal performing groups during my tenure at UF. The thing I remember most about my college experiences; outside of being mentored by Mr. B, Dr. Basler’s baking during office hours, and Dr. Odom’s hilarious stories, are all of the days that I would walk into the MUB (that’s what we called the music building) thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I get to learn to do this for a living!” Music has always made me very happy, and every time I set foot on stage it is this happiness, and this joyful spirit that I hope to share with my audiences, and that it will in some way inspire them to seek out their own joy.

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