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Rashon Medlock Cleveland Tinker – Guardian- “Medlock has an enormous amount of talent and is very passionate about music.” “His passion for music is almost like a volcano, like an inward explosion that he involves in all facets of his life,”… “His music comes from his soul. He is extremely gifted and talented. Some things are taught and some things are innate and he just has a gift for music.”

Conor Mitchell – Gainesville Sun- “local artist Rashon Medlock (who also provided vocals for Landis’ performance of a John Cage piece recently) tackling the tripartite role of Narrator, Soldier and Devil.”

Rashon Medlock is a musician who has been carving out a path similar to artists like Prince, India Arie, Darius Rucker and a host of other musicians whose music cannot be defined by one genre. His style is a fusion of musical influences from the world of Jazz, Gospel, Rock, and Soul with a classical flare.

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